About Kaya Holistic Wellness

Kaya Holistic Wellness was founded on the principle that our body, our emotions, our mind, and our spirit all need to be in alignment in order for us to feel our best. True wellness is achieved when all of these things are in alignment.

Wellness is NOT a certain body type, age, gender, or aesthetic. Wellness is possible for ALL bodies.

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About Stacey

I have been interested in wellness since I was a teenager. Like most people growing up in the 1990s, I struggled with disordered eating and accepting my body. I focused on how I looked, but never paid attention to how I felt. My mental and emotional health suffered as I tried to achieve the “perfect” body. It was not until many years later, when I started couch to 5k training, that I realized that my body was so much more than just the way that it looked. It could be fast, and strong, and flexible, and that was pretty damn cool.

When we tune into how things makes us feel, we learn really quickly what is healthy for us and what is not. Whether it’s the friend that you feel exhausted after hanging out with; the sugar hangover that you get after stress-eating donuts; or the energized feeling of being completely alive that you get after a great yoga class; you begin to see that everything you do is impacting you positively or negatively. The journey toward wellness begins with making more choices that make you feel good – physically and emotionally. There is no one size fits all path to wellness. It looks different for each of us!

Stacey Aldridge Kaya Holistic Wellness
About Kaya Holistic Wellness
Stacey Aldridge Kaya Holistic Wellness


For me, I feel my best when I am spending time outdoors; moving my body; engaging in a spiritual practice; and know that what I do with my time is making a positive impact in the world. I know that when I am spending too much time in front of screens, lying around; stress eating too many sweets or not choosing healthy foods most of the time; and neglecting time with my loved ones for social media that I begin to feel unwell.

What aligns us most with our highest wellness can also change and evolve. In 2022, I decided to stop engaging with the news each morning while I drank coffee and it made a huge positive difference in my emotional and mental health!

I have a Master in Social Work from Jackson State University and have worked as a mental health therapist, a mental health educator, and as an advocate for women’s rights, LGBTQ+ rights and to improve health outcomes of those with mental health issues. I have advanced training in nutrition and I practice “gentle nutrition.” I discourage my clients to engage in drastic weight loss diets, such as Keto, even if one of their wellness goals is to lose weight. I believe that all or nothing mentality is harmful and that we find the most peace by walking the middle path.


The vision of Kaya Holistic Wellness is to empower clients to make healthier choices – whatever they discover helps them be most aligned with their personal wellness. The vibration of the world is raised when we are all individually at our highest vibration.

Body Acceptance

Kaya Holistic Wellness knows that wellness is not something that you can see by looking at someone. Wellness can be any size, any shape, any age, and any gender identity. The goal of wellness is not to change your body, although that might be an unintentional result of some of the changes you make. Kaya does not endorse or recommend any weight loss plans.


At Kaya, our mission is to help you discover and create your vision of your personal wellness. We approach our coaching clients with love and positivity. We know that humans can never thrive on negative reinforcement, criticism, or even “tough love.”